Thank you, again and again!

Almost Eighty Percent

When we decided to get J better hearing, we didn't know how we can achieve that given it is more than a million pesos. Only that God will make a way. And indeed, we have been recipients of God's love, through you, family and friends! We can never thank you enough. You have helped change our not so little boy's life through a new way of hearing.

As of today, we are very grateful that we have achieved almost 80% of our goal!

As we go through regular mapping and continuous hearing tests to check J's hearing levels with his CI, we remain grateful for how far we've come. We wouldn't be here without your help, through God's grace and mercy.

We are focusing on J's mapping now, but we won't stop. We will keep you posted on new endeavors for Project Ephphatha, and we thank you again and again, for supporting our initiatives. May God bless us more!


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