About Project Ephphatha

Project Ephphatha is a collaborative effort amongst family and friends that aims to help raise awareness about hearing loss in children and generate funds for Johann’s cochlear implant operation.

Ephphatha means “be opened”. It is the Greek form of a Syro-Chaldaic or Aramaic word uttered by Jesus when healing the man who is deaf and dumb.

He looked up to the heaven, and with a deep sigh said to him, Ephphatha! (Which means “Be opened!”)

Mark 7:34 (NIV)

About Johann

Johann is a jolly, eight year old boy who loves maps, building blocks, and drawing. He is born with sensorineural hearing loss on both ears due to unknown causes. He was a healthy baby but hearing screening tests suggested that something was amiss. Further hearing tests like OAE, ABR, ASSR were conducted and results were consistent, Johann has mild to moderate hearing loss on his left ear and moderate to severe hearing loss in his right ear. On Johann’s seventh month of life, he was given hearing aids and started on speech therapy.

At age five, Johann was diagnosed with a secondary condition called Dyspraxia of Speech which delayed his speech and motor planning capabilities. He started on PROMPT therapy to address this diagnosis. He also started homeschooling soon after to afford him one on one, customised, and personalised learning.

At age seven, through his annual hearing tests, it was observed that Johann’s hearing loss is progressing. His hearing loss at his right ear is now at severe to profound levels. Johann’s team of God-sent experts have recommended he undergo cochlear implantation to help him hear better.

At first we, as Johann’s parents, were hesitant. We wanted to make sure that it will be the best option for Johann. We were worried for not just the medical part of the process, but also for the psychological part, for Johann and all of us. Maintaining cochlear implants is different from maintaining hearing aids. We were, of course, also scared of the financial aspect, for ours is a simple one-income family.

But now, after much prayer and discernment, we (Johann’s family) are pushing through this biggest endeavour for the love of Johann. We need to raise approximately 25,000 USD (or 1.1M PHP) for the cochlear implant device alone. It will be a feat for us, his parents, but through God’s mercy and grace, we believe this is something bigger than us.

He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

Matthew 8:26 (NIV)

About the Family

We are Daddy Noel and Mommy Maia Nuguid, and together with Gianna, we are Johann’s family. We are from Manila, Philippines.

Noel works in the field of Information Technology while Maia is a fulltime homemaker.

Together with family and friends, we make up Project Ephphatha. Thanks for stopping by. You can also visit Project Ephphatha on Facebook. LIKE Project Ephphatha now!