The Beginning

Project Ephphatha started as a collaborative effort from family and friends to help raise funds for Johann's cochlear implants. Through God’s grace we achieved initial success, and now, we aim to help other children (like Johann) and families (like ours) in their hearing journey.

Our Mission

We want to spread awareness about childhood hearing loss and provide support for the family to make their hearing journey a rewarding experience through stories. We are constantly adding stories of hearing and inspiration, that would be helpful to you, whether you are a family just starting out or have been in this path for a while already.

Why Ephphatha

Ephphatha means "be opened". It is the Greek form of a Syro-Chaldaic or Aramaic word uttered by Jesus when healing the man who is deaf and dumb.

He looked up to the heaven and with a deep sigh said to him, Ephphatha! (Which means "Be opened!")

Mark 7:34 (NIV)

An Invitation

Let us journey together to better hearing. If you are a family with a child with hearing loss, we’d love to HEAR YOUR STORY! If you are an individual or a group who can help through our various efforts, we’d also want to meet you! God sends us angels in disguise and we know you are one.

Or you can start helping Project Ephphatha now through liking Project Ephphatha on Facebook or sharing our website. God bless!