Johann Says Thank You!

The past months have been a frenzy. After switch on, we worked on calibrating Johann's sound processors to a level he will be comfortable, yet flexed enough to help him get used to this new way of hearing. We thank our audiologist, Teacher Kathy for patiently pushing Johann to grow in terms of what he hears.

We also continued to do speech therapy to support Johann's speech development. We are glad that we have competent teachers like Teacher Felice. We need more of them.

As homeschoolers, we have a new groove. This year we prepare Johann for his first Communion. With the new way of hearing Johann has been more responsive to our lessons, and as Mommy teacher I'm loving it. It warms my heart that Johann is benefitting well with his new cochlear implants.

Here he is saying thanks to all of you who made it possible for us to be here.


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