Through the Years

Johann through the years.

Johann is no doubt a blessing from God. God must've thought we are very special parents to entrust us with caring for a very special child like Johann.

It wasn't as easy as in retrospect, but ours is a journey that is still unfolding. Johann is now 8 years old and he is jolly, loving, and happy. He is a ray of sunshine. We've been through a lot, but that didn't deter Johann from being confident, friendly, and hopeful.

For family and friends, they've seen us struggle, surrender, accept, move, and finally grow. From not knowing anything about hearing loss in children and its causes, to championing for Johann in school, to taking charge of Johann's learning and now, advocating for better hearing for Johann, God is just getting started in all of us.

We want to share Johann's journey with the world. His is a story that will one day testify of God's goodness and mercy. And we are very blessed to be witnesses first hand. I remember years ago, while I was still trying to make sense of Johann's hearing loss, I came across this.

From your biggest trial, will come your biggest blessing.

This same message I share to you, dear reader, as well. I didn't understand this before but seeing how wonderful Johann is growing up to be, all the fear, doubt, and tears shed are slowly displaced with courage, faith, and gladness.

Come back again soon and join us in our journey to better hearing for Johann.