The Mission

Johann and the Mission

Why me?

Hearing loss is devastating, first because hearing is such a crucial part of a child's growth. Without proper hearing, speech development and cognition will be affected. Second, the challenges of caring for a special need is not as simple. The psychological, emotional, and intellectual adjustments a parent needs to get accustomed to is often magnified by the abundance (or lack) of economical or financial adjustments it comes with.

We don't know why a child is given hearing loss. It may be in born or acquired, but we believe that no matter, that child is special, and God has a special purpose just for this little one. It may be difficult to see the blessing it comes with at first, but soon enough, the child will blossom and bless even others.

Support is critical. Whether it is moral, emotional, or financial. It can come from the family of origin or friends in community, or similar families in the same boat. But sometimes, support is hard to come by. We all felt alone at some point. And yes, we all felt scared, angry, doubtful, resentful, even depressed (you name it) at times.

We are here for you.

Project Ephphatha envisions itself to be a venue of support for families with children with hearing loss. New technology like hearing aids and cochlear implants and processes like auditory verbal therapy isn't widely known in the Philippines yet, and we want to give firsthand information on what's it like to get these to aid our family in our hearing loss journey.

Don't get me wrong, we are still working it through. We are still in the journey. We are currently in it. But our hope is that...

In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

Flora Edwards

May God bless us all in this journey. We are here for Johann, we are here for you.