New Year, New Hope

PGH Reservation Photo

As we usher in a new year, may our hearts be filled with new hope. New hope for better things, great things, to come in 2017.

Before we took a break last month, we successfully reserved a room for our Jan 14 surgery at the PGH. Consider it as an ocular visit. We could almost hear better! We were excited yet nervous, but very very hopeful and grateful to have come this far.

And this we will never tire of doing. Again, thank you to all who have generously shared your resources with us. As of the moment, through God's grace, we have achieved 70% of our goal for Johann's cochlear implant surgery. Wow, 70%! We are deeply touched and humbled to be blessed through YOU. We can only pray that we will be able to pay it forward and be as generous and giving as YOU. In God's time.

So... Happy new year, and it's still happy Christmas! From all of us here at Project Ephphatha, we pray that all of our 2017 be a year filled with God's grace and blessings, enabling us to achieve our goals and dreams.

Happy 2017!