Implanted at the PGH

It was our first time to be confined and have surgery at the Philippine General Hospital or PGH. We chose this hospital to the obvious reason of saving on costs for the surgery itself as the cost for the CI device is already big as it is. All the good doctors have clinics there too, that is a bonus in itself.

We inquired via phone first, at 2-3 months before our target surgery date to get their requirements. Nothing too tedious, only a reservation fee of 300 pesos at least a month from the day we want. So you have to schedule a visit prior. We availed of the pay services unit, we wanted to have Johann in a private room as much as possible given he will have a wound after and we wouldn't want to compromise it.

We estimated the cost to be around 20k-25k for 3 days and 2 nights in a large private room. A small fraction of what we'll pay if we go to The Medical City. Aside from bringing the OR for the reservation fee, we also prepared the following for the admission day:

  1. Philhealth MDR
  2. PWD ID photocopy
  3. Patient Information Form
  4. Surgeon's Orders
  5. Pediatrician's Clearance for Surgery
  6. Latest Xray film
  7. Deposit of 12.5k (this depends on the room type you choose)

Philhealth and our child's PWD status helped in lowering our bill a lot! So if you have Philhealth make sure your child is a dependent, or process your PWD ID from your local DSWD office before your surgery date to avail of its benefits.

We were admitted on a Friday morning. Fasting is required 10-12 hours before the surgery so at around 8PM Johann had his last sip of water and dinner. At around 10PM he was put on IV fluids. This isn't the first time our child has been confined but it was uncomfortable nevertheless. As early as 5:30AM the nurses woke us up and started preps for our 7AM surgery.

The procedure lasted around 3 hours. Before 11AM we got word that Johann would be transferred to the recovery room already. After that he was sent back to the room before 3PM. You just have to have extra patience with the staff, this is PGH and there are a lot of patients and too few nurses. God bless them.

Once Johann was back to the room, we let him eat, he was famished. No food restrictions (depending on your child) so we gave in to his pizza request. He has been through tough times he deserves it. We observed him and his behaviour given he was under general anaesthesia. He looked sleepy but otherwise, he looked fine. Our surgeon Dr Yang visited us before end of the day for care instructions, and then Sunday morning, for discharge instructions. And then we were off.

This was just the start of our new way of hearing. One month after or depending on how fast the wound healed we were scheduled for switch-on, then there will be regular mapping. But we did it. Praise God that our child's surgery is uneventful.