How to care for your Hearing Devices

Your hearing devices need tender loving care like how you take care of your pet or child even! Since our children started out wearing them when they were babies, as parents it is our role to know how to best take care of these devices and then teach our children as they grow up how to.

Here are some important tips on how to make sure you are taking care of your hearing device - whether its a cochlear implant or hearing aids.

  1. Check batteries often. Most obvious routine to hack. Make sure the device's batteries are at optimal levels otherwise they are of no use to your child!
  2. Keep free of earwax. If your child uses an ear mold, make sure you clean and then dry it daily. Aside from helping your child hear at maximum levels as much as possible, it is also good for the ears.
  3. Handle with care! Children don't understand how fragile this devices are, but we must take pains to let them know as early as they can. It will pay off while they grow up.
  4. Avoid moisture and make sure to dehumidify nightly. This is one most parents neglect. We use a device called Dry and Store (standard for some distributors of CI or HA) and we put Johann's CI and HA inside every night. Johann is growing up, he's sweaty and smelly most of the times. His CI and HA take the most hit! So every night, after cleaning or wiping, Johann now knows to put them inside his 'chest'. It will dehumidify the devices overnight, removing excess moisture and drying the HA and CI. This prolongs their lifespan.

We have a new Dry & Store courtesy of Johann's cochlear implants, but we had to buy one when he was still using hearing aids. Since we now have two, we gave away the old one for some other family to use. Hopefully they are indeed maximizing the device to clean and care for their CI/HA.

How about you? Do you have extra tips to give on how to care for your child's CI or HA? Shoot us a message!

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