An Appeal for Support

Appeal for Help

Dear Friend,

I am Maia and I’m a mother of two. I am a full time homemaker and a homeschooler. My 8 year old son, Johann has hearing loss on both ears since birth. We never knew what the cause was, but we believe it is a blessing. Johann wears hearing aids to amplify sounds for him. Despite the challenge, my son remains to be jolly, happy, and confident. We pray and hope for him to continue to be like this even to adulthood.

As of age seven, Johann’s hearing loss has been progressing. Hearing aids now can no longer help his right ear. I can see him struggling to hear sounds more and more during our homeschool and in a noisy environment, we have to go closer and use his left ear to communicate to him. It breaks my heart to see his right ear worsen, but I trust that God knows exactly what He is doing. There is a purpose behind the pain.

Cochlear Implants

We are blessed to live in a time where technology advances benefit even the most difficult of challenges. One such advancement is the cochlear implant technology.

Johann was recommended for cochlear implants by our team of experts. Cochlear implants will help his right ear hear better – through sound bypassing the damaged parts of the ear and going straight to the auditory nerve then to the brain. Isn’t this amazing?

A Parent’s Plea

As parents, we all want to give the best for our children. When they are still young we take on the responsibility to care and provide for them, even beyond our current capabilities. One instance of going beyond our current capacity is now.

A cochlear implant in the Philippines costs around 25,000 USD or 1.1M PHP. This is the device alone and for one ear only and yes, well beyond our budget. The operation at the Philippine General Hospital will cost an extra 200k PHP.

We are a one income household. My husband works in the IT industry and I stay behind to homeschool the kids. We engage in different consultancy projects in between but nothing to bring us close to the amount we need for the cochlear implants.

We would like to ask for your help in giving Johann better hearing. We are appealing to you for any form of support – be it a cash donation, sponsorship, or even product collaborations, to help us raise approximately 1.4M for Johann.

We are targeting Johann’s surgery on January of 2017. We believe in God’s provision and we are grateful for all help that will come.

How to help

We welcome donations in cash via bank deposit. We also welcome any sponsorships for our fundraising events that are coming soon. We are also on the lookout for product collaborations that we can engage in on a long term basis.

Please message us if you want to get our bank details.

We would also appreciate if you could like Project Ephphatha on Facebook! Help us through your LIKE and SHARE for the Project Ephphatha Facebook page.

Project Ephphatha

Project Ephphatha is a venue for support for families, like us, with children with hearing loss. Today, we support Johann in his journey to better hearing as a family joined by a lot of our friends, but tomorrow, we pray that God uses Project Ephphatha, and Johann, for something bigger.

Thank you

I am praying for a multitude of blessings to rain on you, your family, your company or community. Your generosity will not go unnoticed. Thank you for choosing to help Johann and Project Ephphatha. God’s goodness abounds.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In Christ,
Mommy Maia

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